Lighting up for safer biking

Shown at the Consumer Technology Association (CES) on the 5th January 2017, French startup Cosmo Connected have developed a new smart light to improve biker safety. It’s the first, rear-facing, helmet light connected by bluetooth to a mobile phone app, available for both IOS and Android phones. Designed to improved visibility of the rider from behind and alert following traffic to both the presence of the biker and whether the bike is slowing/braking.

The Cosmo Connected can be programmed to provide a flashing light, brighter braking light, track the rider’s route, contact emergency services and provide medical information in the event of a crash and contact the riders friends and family. Being on the rider’s helmet the flashing light is designed to be at the eye-level of following traffic.  As Romain Affelou, president of Cosmo Connected states:

“Our goal with Cosmo Connected is to create a new safety standard for motorcyclists. Cosmo is not just a connected gadget, but a powerful tool designed to save lives.”

Cosmo Connected is made of durable, weather-resistant plastic and contains 12 LEDs. It fits to rear of any helmet via a mounting bracket with an adhesive strip. The unit is held in place with magnets, but will detach in the event of a crash. The display frequency of the flashing LEDs can be programmed to suit the weather, lighting and traffic conditions. A bright, steady bright light is shown when the bike slows under engine braking to provide a visual warning to following traffic. The unit has an 8-hour battery life is re-charged via a USB port at the base of the unit.




The Cosmo Connected unit has many other potential uses for construction workers, other mounted sports riders and emergency service personnel. The device is expected to be on sale in May 2017, priced at €99 (£84.87 at current exchange rates).

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